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Compensation Claims for Fractured Bones / Broken Bones

Introduction to Fractures and Breaks
  Fractured Bone or Broken Bone
Different Types of Bone Fractures / Bone Breaks
  Various ways of Bones Fracturing / Bones Breaking
Accidents which can lead to Broken Bones / Fractured Bones
  Causes of Breaks / Fractures
Broken Bone Compensation Claims we have dealt with
  News stories we have published about successful fracture compensation claims
How to start a compensation claim after suffering a broken bone
  Begin a Personal Injury Claim after fractured bone

Introduction to Fractures and Breaks

Fractured Bone or Broken Bone

It is a common misconception that a fractured bone is a minor injury involving a small crack and that a broken bone is a more serious injury involving a bone completely snapped in two; however, this is not the case.

In medical terms, any type of cracked, broken or crushed bone is referred to as a fracture regardless of its severity.

Any bone in the body can be broken but some of the most common are broken leg, broken arm, broken wrist, broken ribs, broken nose, broken finger and broken toe.  A more serious break would be a fractured skull which could lead to a brain injury or a broken back which could cause a spinal cord injury.

If you have fractured a bone as the result of an accident which was someone else's fault, you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim.  For more information about how Thompsons Solicitors can help you complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.

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Different Types of Bone Fractures / Bone Breaks

Various ways of Bones Fracturing / Bones Breaking

Any bone in the body can be fractured / broken and there are many different ways in which the bones can break.  Some of these are listed below:

  • Avulsion Fracture - Where a small piece of broken bone detaches from the main bone.
  • Bowing Fracture - Where the bone bends but does not break.  Only tends to affect children,  as young bone is softer than old bone.
  • Comminuted Fracture - A bone which is shattered into pieces or crushed.
  • Complete Fracture - A bone which is broken into two pieces.
  • Complicated Fracture - Is where there is injury to other body parts near the fracture such as a major blood vessel or a nerve.
  • Compound Fracture or Open Fracture - Where the bone breaks through the skin or a wound leads to the fracture.
  • Compression Fracture - Where the bone collapses (mainly affects the spine).
  • Fracture dislocation - Is where the joint is dislocated and one of the bones of that joint is also fractured.
  • Greenstick Fracture - Bone fractured on one side only (like the Bowing Fracture, only tends to affect children).
  • Impacted Fracture - One fragment of broken bone is driven into the other rather than separating as normal in a break.
  • Longitudinal Fracture - Break running along the shaft of the bone.
  • Oblique Fracture - Slanting break across the bone.
  • Simple Fracture or Closed Fracture - Where the skin around the broken bone has not been broken.
  • Single Fracture - Bone is broken in only one place.
  • Spiral Fracture -Break winding around the bone.
  • Transverse Fracture - Straight break across the bone.

Some fractures can be very complicated injuries involving surgical operations to open the limb or part of the body to gain access to the fracture site. The bone can be splintered and the jagged bone or surrounding soft tissue may need cleaning up. In some cases, it may be necessary to insert pins, plates and / or wires to stabilise the fracture and allow natural union and healing to occur.  Further surgery may be needed later to remove the screws or plates inserted.  This can lead to a great deal of pain and discomfort and residual unsightly scarring.

In some fractures, the bones are so badly broken that surgery may be need to actually tidy up the end of the bones to allow the fractured ends to be united. This surgery is fraught with complication and the risk of infection is great. In very severe cases, it may be unavoidable that surgical excision or amputation of all or part of the affected limb has to be done as a very last resort.

Where a fracture involves a joint such as hips, wrists, elbows, knees, thumb or fingers, the risk of arthritis increases in later years and that can lead to disability in the future.

Non bony union of some serious fractures can be a real problem and a risk of bone and soft tissue necrosis needs to be carefully appraised by an experienced orthopaedic consultant to identify the nature and extent of future problems where this risk arises.

Damages may include pain and suffering and other potential expenses including a threat to employment, medical aids, physiotherapy and care costs as well as house and car modifications if there is significant residual disability either existing or to develop in the future.

If you have suffered a broken bone / fractured bone due in an accident which was someone else's fault you may be able to make a claim for compensation.  To find out how Thompsons Solicitors may be able to help you, contact us on 08000 224 224.

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Accidents which can lead to Broken Bones / Fractured Bones

Causes of Breaks / Fractures

A broken bone can be caused by just about any type of accident.  Some of the most common causes of fractured bones we hear about at Thompsons Solicitors include Road Accidents, Slips, Trips and Falls, Accidents at Work and Sports Injuries such as injuries sustained whilst playing football, rugby or horse riding.

If you happen to break a bone and there is a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of it due to mistakes made by a medical professional and this delay causes the injury to be worse than it was originally you may be able to make a claim for clinical negligence compensation.

Thompsons Solicitors can deal with personal injury compensation claims relating to accidents resulting in fractured bones / broken bones and can also deal with clinical negligence claims for misdiagnosed fractures.  For more information about how we can help you, complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.

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Broken Bone Compensation Claims we have dealt with

News stories we have published about successful fracture compensation claims

In the past we have published news stories on our website about accident compensation claims we have dealt with for people who have been injured due to someone else's negligence and have broken bones.  To read a selection of these follow the links below or to read all of our news stories, visit our news desk.

9th April 2014 - Victim of careless driving receives compensation with the help of Unite Legal Services

6th March 2014 - Tata Steel pays £235,000 to injured employee

11th February 2014 - Welder compensated more than half a million pounds after career-ending accident at work

24th July 2013 - Unsuitable equipment to blame for worker’s injury, says Unite the Union

9th July 2013 - Balfour Beatty employee receives compensation for accident on unlit stairs

18th June 2013 - Worker compensated for punctured lung after health and safety standards slip

13th May 2013 - BAE Systems pays compensation after driller wrist injury

1st May 2013 - Unite Legal Services support paramedic assaulted while on call

23rd April 2013 - GMB member receives compensation after surviving 35ft ladder fall

2nd April 2013 - GMB member receives compensation after fracturing foot in workplace

26th March 2013 - Man compensated after breaking back in fall from rooftop

15th March 2013 - Compensation for victim of McDonald’s security guard assault

11th March 2013 - Teenager compensated after being hit by car while using a pelican crossing

6th March 2013 - Unite Legal Service helps member gain compensation for wrist injury

4th March 2013 - PCS member compensated after fracturing wrist in workplace accident

18th February 2013 - Unite Legal Services helps airport worker gain compensation after back injury

7th February 2013 - Airport worker compensated after breaking wrist in workplace accident

5th February 2013 - Electrician compensated after fracturing spine in scaffolding fall

28th January 2013 - Union helps parents of injured girl

25th January 2013 - Union supports worker injured in ladder fall

24th January 2013 - Victim’s family speaks out after court convicts man for hit and run

22nd January 2013 - Bakery worker compensated after help from Unite Legal Services

12th December 2012 - Pedestrian hit by motorbike receives compensation

7th December 2012 - Man crushed by runaway mini receives compensation

5th December 2012 - Unite Legal Services help member receive compensation for crushed legs

3rd December 2012 - Unite branch secretary compensated after help from Unite Legal Services

13th November 2012 - Prison officer attacked by inmate awarded compensation by courts

9th November 2012 - Train driver compensated after career ruined in motorbike accident

9th October 2012 - Welder compensated after faulty crane leads to steel beam crushing his foot

4th October 2012 - Cleaner compensated after building works’ debris causes fall on unlit pathway

24th September 2012 - Cyclist compensated after being knocked off bike en-route to work

13th September 2012 - Woman left for dead by hit-and-run driver receives six figure sum in compensation

12th September 2012 - Civil servant suffers impaired mobility as a result of fall in workplace

22nd August 2012 - Cape employee compensated after safety flaws cause accident

7th August 2012 - Elderly woman compensated after hit by car on way to church

17th July 2012 - Fitter compensated for shoulder injury caused by workplace accident

16th July 2012 - Union condemns insurer for underhand £1,700 offer to crush victim in case which settles for £122,000

2nd July 2012 - Firm fined after Darlington man’s brush with death

29th June 2012 - High Street bank pays compensation to injured electrician

14th June 2012 - Pedestrian knocked down on crossing is compensated

13th June 2012 - Union lawyers get bottle factory worker seven times initial offer

12th June 2012 - Print firm pay out after worker seriously injures elbow in fall at work

11th May 2012 - Cyclist’s double wrist fracture leads to early retirement and compensation

9th May 2012 - Prison officer medically retired after workplace accident

28th April 2012 - Darlington man’s brush with death shows why health and safety laws work on Workers Memorial Day

10th April 2012 - Border Force worker injured after requests for replacement work boots ignored

29th March 2012 - Young man left with crushed legs by drunk driver receives compensation

27th March 2012 - Fire fighter compensated after breaking ankle during routine drill

5th March 2012 - Factory worker compensated after breaking ankle

20th February 2012 - Former fire fighter compensated after broken ankle caused by fall down 10-inch deep pothole

14th February 2012 - Insurers offer three times less than won by law firm Thompsons

10th February 2012 - Self employed contractor receives £28,000 damages after fall from height

30th January 2012 - Great North Air Ambulance pair win judgment after faulty plane parts cause serious crash

4th January 2012 - Nuclear worker injured after bosses ignored her warnings

21st December 2011 - Cyclist seriously injured in accident receives six figure sum in damages

13th December 2011 - Engineer compensated after fall through unstable roof

6th December 2011 - Welder injured in scaffolding fall

17th November 2011 - Car accident victim receives £850,000 after disabling injury

10th November 2011 - Parcel firm pays out to lorry driver injured by faulty equipment

13th October 2011 - Pedestrian crossing injuries result in £110,000 in damages

10th October 2011 - GlaxoSmithKline pays compensation after failing to maintain work equipment

28th September 2011 - Restaurant pays compensation to waitress after fracturing pelvis

27th July 2011 - Caretaker exposed to noxious fumes receives compensation

9th June 2011 - Family finally gets justice after firm admits causing grandmother’s fall

8th June 2011 - Father’s Unite membership helps teenager claim damages after terrifying car accident

27th May 2011 - Union warns business owners of health and safety obligations

17th May 2011 - Council’s failure to clear up burnt out remains led to nasty fall

22nd March 2011 - Broken elbow leads to employment fears for stitcher

16th March 2011 - Paraplegic injured by pothole fall

10th March 2011 - Luxury health spa pays damages after accident

8th March 2011 - Teenager warns of dangers of uninsured bikers

7th February 2011 - Broken Spine in car crash leads to £21,500 in compensation

2nd February 2011 - Cyclist receives compensation after losing leg in accident

1st February 2011 - Pedestrian scarred for life when crushed by car

17th September 2010 - Prison officer charged by inmate wins compensation

2nd September 2010 - Multiple arm injuries to Printer results in compensation

5th August 2010 - Multiple head injury compensated

2nd August 2010 - GMB wins compensation for Grimsby lorry driver who suffered crushed thumb

6th July 2010 - Refrigerated cooling racks at GlaxoSmithKline lead to fractured elbow

25th June 2010 - East Midlands worker seriously injured at haulage firm receives compensation

15th June 2010 - Lollipop man wins damages after hit and run

2nd June 2010 - Pedestrian knocked down on pavement receives compensation

25th May 2010 - Bakery worker forced to give up work after fall at Asda

4th May 2010 - Scaffolder awarded damages after crane accident

19th April 2010 - Factory worker receives damages for broken wrist

14th April 2010 - Commuter compensated for cycle accident

29th March 2010 - RMT worker receives compensation after serious safety faults

10th March 2010 - Engineer forced to give up job after serious tripping injury

2nd February 2010 - Nissan worker compensated for nasty fall

14th January 2010 - £90,000 for scaffolder after 40ft fall

13th January 2010 - Broken ankle leads to life threatening condition

11th January 2010 - Frail pensioner receives £9000 for injury caused by carer

5th January 2010 - Faulty design causes JCB worker’s accident

4th January 2010 - £110,000 for GMB member injured by forklift truck

30th December 2009 - Construction worker buried in cement

15th December 2009 - £800,000 for firefighter who lost his leg

9th November 2009 - Army Captain receives £150,000 after car crash

26th October 2009 - £350,000 for drayman in horrific accident

24th September 2009 - Crush victim’s solicitors welcome court decision

23rd September 2009 - Crane driver tells of 40 metre drop

1st September 2009 - Teenager's compensation trebled by Thompsons

11th August 2009 - Van driver freed by firefighters

13th July 2009 - £35,000 damages for worker’s fall

2nd July 2009 - £250,000 for badly injured firefighter

29th June 2009 - Radiographer compensated for broken ankle

25th June 2009 - Welder suffers memory loss after head injury

16th June 2009 - Four year fight for compensation

11th June 2009 - Payout for injured Land Rover worker

29th May 2009 - BECTU member sacked after workplace injury

22nd May 2009 - Injured dad couldn't hold his baby

30th April 2009 - Labourer undergoes amputation after workplace accident

21st April 2009 - Fractured ankle caused by fall

17th April 2009 - Cruise liner pays £10,000 to holidaymaker

9th April 2009 - Broken thumb caused by bad communication

1st April 2009 - Payout for footballer injured at work

6th March 2009 - Unsuitable work tools leads to surgery

2nd March 2009 - Ladder fall forces baker to retire

24th February 2009 - Ladder slip leads to broken heel

3rd February 2009 - Attacked firefighter's successful claim

12th December 2008 - Cancelled Christmas due to slippery train platform

2nd May 2008 - Plumbing inspector secures compensation for serious ankle injury

11th April 2008 - Durham man knocked down outside his home by under age driver secures over £8,000 damages

30th January 2008 - Negligence at a Welsh mine leads to £105,000 pay out for collier who had to be medically retired

18th January 2008 - Maintenance Worker secures substantial damages after fracturing his shoulder and being medically retired

7th December 2007 - Wiltshire man secures £50,000 Compensation for Leg Injury

18th September 2007 - BAE Systems Ltd to pay damages to man injured when he fell through the floor of a Nimrod aircraft

3rd July 2007 - Two year platform leak an accident waiting to happen

29th March 2007 - Retired artist from Wandsworth secures £20,000 following injuries sustained when she fell on wet pigeon droppings in Battersea

20th March 2007 - Former Peugeot worker wins damages for factory fall

16th August 2007 - £45,000 compensation for Mason after ladder fall broke both feet

6th November 2006 - Amicus secures £100,000 compensation for Lincoln member whose finger was amputated following horrific accident at work

22nd September 2006 - Man from Port Talbot secures compensation after fall at work which resulted in brain injury

11th September 2006 - Union member secures compensation following accident on the film set for Phantom of the Opera.

21st June 2006 - Disabled Woman’s Accident in Toilet Cubicle leads to Broken Leg

16th June 2006 - Machine worker receives compensation following ladder accident

28th November 2005 - Trampoline amputee wins compensation through UNISON scheme

If you have suffered a broken bone / fractured bone as the result of an accident which was someone else's fault, you may be able to make a compensation claim. To find out how Thompsons Solicitors can help you, contact us on 08000 224 224.

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How to start a compensation claim after suffering a broken bone

Begin a Personal Injury Claim after fractured bone

If you or someone you know has suffered a broken bone / fractured bone in an accident which was someone else's fault, telephone us now for accurate claim advice.

There are strict time limits in place to make any compensation claim including claims relating to breaks and fractures. For further information, contact us or visit our Questions Answered page.

Thompsons Solicitors are experts in all personal injury matters and are experienced in dealing with personal injury compensation claims involving broken / fractured bones. We will be able to advise you whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation. Our specialist personal injury lawyers will be happy to talk you through the process of making a compensation claim in plain English and will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Telephone us now on 08000 224 224 or complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.

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