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What is Myodil?

Myodil is a dye made from a mixture of isomers which was used for many years in hospitals and clinics.

The dye was injected into the spines or spinal cords of people suffering from back pain to make x-rays clearer to read.

In the 1950’s concerns over the safety of Myodil arose and the product was withdrawn from use in certain countries, including Sweden. It continued to be used in the United Kingdom until 1987.

Eventually the dye was found to be toxic and if it was not removed completely after the x-rays were taken, it could cause arachnoiditis to develop, which is an excruciatingly painful condition.

In 1995, over 400 people made compensation claims against the manufacturers of Myodil, GlaxoSmithKlein. The company paid out approximately £7m in damages but did not admit liability for the injuries.

Further Advice

At the moment, Thompsons Solicitors are not able to help with any compensation claims for people injured by Myodil.

If you have been injured by Myodil and you are a Trade Union member, contact your union representative for advice.

If you have been injured by Myodil and you are not a Trade Union member, a support group may be able to assist.