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Workplace Accidents

Thompsons Solicitors are experts in dealing with personal injury compensation claims for people injured during the course of their employment.

To the left side of this page, you will find links to information about the most common types of accidents at work claims we deal with together with details about how to begin your own personal injury compensation claim. If you cannot find the information you require here, telephone us on 08000 224 224 for assistance or complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.

We also have a selection of information pages on our website designed to help injured workers in specific professions.  We are constantly adding to this list of information pages and at the moment have pages for:

Bike Couriers injured at work
Chefs, Kitchen Staff and Waiters injured at work
Cleaners injured at work
Electrician injured at work
Factory Workers injured at work
Firefighters injured at work
Gardener injured at work
Hairdressers injured at work
Office staff injured at work
Professional Drivers injured at work
Refuse Collectors injured at work
Retail staff injured at work
Road Workers injured at work
Roofers injured at work
Train Drivers injured at work
Tree Surgeons injured at work
Warehouse Operatives injured at work

Injuries caused by accidents at work can happen in many different circumstances and vary greatly in severity from minor lacerations and broken bones to severe burns, amputations and sometimes sadly, fatalities.

When making a personal injury claim for compensation after an accident at work, it is important to choose an experienced solicitor as experience really can make a difference to the success or failure of your claim and also to the amount of compensation recovered.

At Thompsons Solicitors, we have over 90 years experience of dealing with personal injury compensation claims and we have teams of specialist lawyers and solicitors based regionally around the UK who have an in-depth knowledge of the workplace regulations.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers will be happy to talk you through the process of making a claim in plain English and will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please read the extracts from letters of thanks we have received from our clients who we have helped with accident at work personal injury claims.

There are strict time limits in place to make any personal injury claim.  For further information, contact us or visit our Questions Answered page.