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Rebecca's Story

“...the settlement has improved Rebecca’s quality of
life and brought peace of mind about her future.” Rebecca’s mum

“Our daughter, Rebecca, was born with a small dimple in her back.

In effect there was a very small hole, called a sinus, in her skin just above the nappy line.

My husband Nigel and I were told there was skin growing underneath and that it would close the hole. But it didn’t.

Instead, the hole became the point of entry for viral meningitis which stayed in Rebecca’s body and attacked her with devastating effect three times - all in the first 13 months of her life.

The first attack left her partly paralysed down her left side.

The second and third attacks were on her bowel and bladder.

We became very angry at what had happened. We saw as it as having been preventable and, because it wasn’t, now all our lives were affected.

Rebecca’s conditions are for life and I became her carer... it wasn’t realistic for me to work any more and the loss of my income placed an additional strain on us.

We decided to see if we could claim compensation to help improve Rebecca’s living conditions and to help her make the best of her now considerably impaired life.

I found Thompsons Solicitors through their ad in Yellow Pages and phoned their helpline.

We had a meeting in which Thompsons explained all the procedures and likely outcomes
to us and we decided to go ahead.

Throughout what followed Thompsons were very good at explaining to us what was
happening and keeping in touch.

Eventually, Thompsons got us an interim payment and we were able to move to a bungalow which made a big difference to our lives.

That gave Rebecca a bedroom on the ground floor and her own toilet and washing facilities.

The final settlement was a great relief - the meeting took 6 hours and Thompsons, with our agreement, rejected 3 offers on our behalf before we accepted one.

When we did finally accept, I said to myself that money’s Rebecca’s life.

We never got any apology from any of those concerned - although I saw one surgeon had put in a letter ‘...I can see now what I should have done in the first place.’

I still feel bitter about what has happened but the settlement has improved Rebecca’s quality of life and brought peace of mind about her future.

Nigel and I are both 100% happy with the service and support we got from Thompsons - and we got 100% of the settlement. They’ve charged us no fees at all, nothing whatsoever.

Today, Rebecca has learned to drive and passed her test and intends to work in childcare.”

Rebecca’s mum


Any mention of 'cost free', '100%', no win no fee, etc. is referring to pre 1st April 2013.