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LELR case reference index

This index lists, by case all archived articles in the issues of Thompsons Labour and European Law Review that are accessible on this site.  To read newer editions of the LELR from 1st May 2011 onwards visit Labour & European Law Review Case References.

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LELR issues are indexed by number; individual articles are also indexed by subject.


Issue 29
UK Coal Mining Ltd v NUM and BACM
Weekly Issue 41 & 64
Unicorn Consultancy Services Ltd v Westbrook and others [2000] IRLR 80
Issue 44
UNIFI v Union Bank of Nigeria [2001] IRLR 712
Issue 64
UNISON and others v Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust and RCO support Services Limited
Issue 30
UNISON and others v Initial Hospital Services and RCO Support Services Limited, Liverpool Employment Tribunal decision 2 November 1998
Issue 30
United Bank Ltd v Akhtar
Weekly Issue 57
United States of America v Nolan
Weekly Issue 198
University of Nottingham v Eyett and the pensions Ombudsman [1999] IRLR 87
Issue 32
University of Oxford v Humphreys and Associated Examining Board [2000] IRLR 183 (Court of Appeal)
Issue 48
Trustees of the Uppingham School Retirement Benefit Scheme for Non-Teaching Staff and another v Shillcock [2002] EWHC 641 (Ch)
Issue 71


Vahidi v Fairstead House School Trust
Issue 105
Vakante v Addey and Stanhope School 2005
Issue 120
Varma v North Cheshire Hospital NHS Trust
Weekly Issue 85
Vauxhall Motors v Transport and General Workers Union
Issue 115 & Issue 125
Veakins v Kier Islington Ltd
Weekly Issue 152
Vennini v Autodex Ltd
Weekly Issue 58
Vento v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police [2002] EWCA Civ 1871
Issue 75 & Weekly Issue 185
Vernon v Event Management Catering Ltd (IDS 835)
Weekly Issue 35
Viasystems (Tyneside) Ltd v Thermal Transfer (Northern) Ltd and ors (2005, IRLR 983; IDS 792)
Issue 107 & Weekly Issue 156
Vicary v British Telecommunications plc [1999] IRLR 680
Issue 42 & Weekly Issue 47
Viking Line ABP and anor v International Transport Workers' Federation and anor (2006, IRLR 58)
Issue 109
Virdi v Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (2001), ET
Issue 62
Virgin Net v Harper EAT [2003] IRLR 824
Issue 84
Visa International Service Association v Paul (IRLR 2004, 42)
Issue 86
Voith Turbo Ltd v Stowe
Issue 98
Voss v Land Berlin
Weekly Issue 60