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Links to archived editions are below. To read newer editions of the LELR from 1st May 2011 onwards visit Compensation.

New tax rules are to come into effect on 6 April 2011 (Weekly 212)
News in Brief
New compensation limits come into force on 1 February 2011
(Weekly 200)
News in Brief
Cost of Discrimination (Weekly 199)
Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust
Adverse Reference (Weekly 191)
Bullimore v Pothecary Witham Weld Solicitors
Contribution to ill health (Weekly 190)
Thaine v London School of Economics
Vacant Post (Weekly 190)
Kelly v University of Southampton
Liquidity Problems (Weekly 188)
Tao Herbs & Acupuncture Ltd v Jin
More help from Acas with employment tribunal claims (Weekly 188)
News in Brief
Remedies (Weekly 185)
Governing Body of St Andrews Catholic Primary School and ors v Blundell
Costs of Compensation (Weekly 181)
Nicolson Highlandwear Ltd v Nicolson
Consequence of dismissal (Weekly 180)
Brown v Mr and Mrs Baxter t/a Careham Hall
Irrational Payments
(Weekly 178)
Gibb v Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
Damaged Reputation (Weekly 175)
Edwards v Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
What a Relief (Weekly 168)
Raja v Secretary of State for Justice
Compensatory Feelings (Weekly 167)
Taylor v XLN Telecom
Major victory for union over plans to cut civil service redundancy pay (Weekly 166)
News in Brief
Pleural Plaques Compensation (Weekly 156)
News in Brief
New plans to help injured workers and their families to obtain compensation (Weekly 155)
News in Brief
Report on the costs of legal cases (Weekly 151)
News in Brief
Stigmatised (Weekly 150)
Chagger v Abbey National plc and anor
New Compensation Limits (Weekly 149)
Effective from 1st February 2010
Tooled Up (Weekly 141)
Stuart Peters Ltd v Bell
Pensionable Pay (Weekly 120)
Aegon UK Corporate Services Ltd v Roberts
Government help for people granted tribunal awards (Weekly 119)
News in Brief
Just Benefits (Weekly 99)
Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd v Fox and Telindus Ltd v Brading
New Compensation Limits (Weekly 97)
Effective from 1st February 2009
Temporary Pause (Weekly 76)
Cowen v Rentokil Initial Facility Services (UK) Ltd (t/a Initial Transport Services)
New Compensation Limits (Weekly 51)
Effective from 1st February 2008
Commercial Venture (Weekly 25)
Lonsdale (t/a Londsdale Agencies) v Howard & Hallam Limited
It's Unfair (118)
The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
New Compensation Limits (118)
Effective from 1st February 2007
By way of compensation (116)
The Compensation Act
One in ten injured at work (115)
Research published by AXA Insurance
Injury to Feelings (113)
Corus Hotels v Woodward
Commercial Claims (110)
Lonsdale v Howard and Hallam Ltd
Out clubbing (109)
Hawley v Luminar Leisure Ltd
New compensation limits (108)
New limits coming into force on 1 February 2006
Mr Melia (103)
Melia v Magna Kansei Ltd
Not so calculating (100)
Port of Tilbury (London) Ltd v Birch and ors (2005, IRLR 92)
Hollow victory for claimants (97)
Enforcement of awards of compensation by employment tribunals
New compensation limits (96)
New limits in force from February 2005
Empty justice (94)
Report by Citizens Advice on compensation and employment tribunals
Notice of compensation (91)
Hardy v Polk (Leeds) Ltd (2004, IRLR 420)
Failure to reverse (90)
Beaumont v Amicus MSF (IDS Brief 755)
Seeing ahead (89)
Essa v Laing Ltd (2004, IRLR 313)
Upping the ante (89)
British Telecommunications Plc v Reid (2004, IRLR 327)
No money for loss of opportunity (88)
Harper v Virgin Net Ltd
The terminator (88)
Fitzgerald v University of Kent at Canterbury (IDS Brief 753)
New compensation limits (86)
New compensation limits in force from February 2004
Losing a chance (84)
Virgin Net v Harper EAT [2003] IRLR 824
Compensation limited (81)
Dunnachie v Kingston upon Hull City Council
Williams v Southampton Institute
Dawson v Stonham Housing Association Ltd [2003] IRLR 385
Tribunal compensation limits go up (75)
Limits on tribunal awards
Manner of dismissal compensation (75)
McCabe v Cornwall County Council and the Governing Body of Mounts Bay School [2002] EWCA Civ 1887
Remedial action? (70)
Chief Constable of West Yorkshire v Vento (No.2) [2002] IRLR 177
DisCRIMEination and punishment (69)
Kuddus v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary IDS - Brief 690 August 2001
The price is right (69)
Elkouil v Coney Island Ltd
[2002] IRLR 174
Taxing times (63)
Richardson (Inspector of Taxes) v Delaney (11.6.01, unreported, Chancery Division High Court)
Statutory equality duty (62)
Section 75 Northern Ireland Act 1998
Guide to the statutory duties, Practical Guidance on Equality Impact Assessment
What's the damage? (62)
Gbaja-Biamila v DHL International (UK) LTD & Ors 2000 ICR, EAT
Alexander v Home Office [1988] ICR 685, EAT
ICTS v Tchoula [2000] IRLR 643, EAT
Virdi v Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (2001), ET
Entitlement to damages for "stress" (55)
Rorrison v West Lothian College and Lothian Regional Council (IDS Brief 655)
Fraser v State Hospitals Board for Scotland (2000) IRLR 672
Penelope Hatton v Terence Sutherland, Chairman of the Governors of the St. Thomas Beckett Roman Catholic High School 7 August 2000 (unreported)
Putting a figure on it (53)
Stubbs v Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police (ET unreported)
ICTS ( UK) v Tchoula [2000] IRLR 643
Martin v Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd (1.3.1999 case no 64272/ 95 ET)
Akkerman v City Centre Restaurants (UK) Ltd (ET unreported)
Wilson v Tesco Stores v Abrahams (EAT 12.1.00 unreported)
Hussain v Mann, Kellock, and JCT (ET unreported)
Sheriff v Klyne Tugs (Lowerstoft) Ltd LELR 40
Totting it up: calculating compensation (46)
Rae v Balmoral Group (Times, 25.1.00).
Khanum v IBC Vehicles
(EAT/685/98, 8.2.99: IRLB Jan 2000
Dench v Flynn and Partners [1998]
IRLR 653
Camdecca Resources v Bishop
(EAT/1083/98, 24.6.99: IRLB Jan 2000 p.11)
Taylor v John Webster Civil Engineering [1999] ICR 561
Adding insulting amount to injury (46)
Heil v Rankin & Another, Reece & Another v Mabco, Schofield v Saunders & Taylor Limited etc Court of Appeal: 23rd March 2000 (unreported)
The only way is up (43)
Compensation limits in employment cases
Recovering personal injury compensation as well? (40)
Sheriff v Klyne Tugs (Lowestoft) Ltd [1999] IRLR 481 Court of Appeal
Teacher wins injunction (38)
Peace v City of Edinburgh Council [1999] IRLR 417
£100,000 compensation in disability case (30)
British Sugar Plc v Kirker [1998] IRLR 624
Ridout v TC Group [1998] IRLR 628
Compensation - but no job? (30)
The Practicability of Re-engagement
Wood Group v Crosson IRLR 680
Counting compensation (28)
Heggie v Uniroyal Englebert Tyres Ltd 1998 IRLR 425 (EAT)
Digital compensation doesn't add up (19)
MOD v Wheeler [1998] IRLR 23
Digital Equipment v Clements (No2) [1998] IRLR 134
Stigmatised by work (14)
Malik v Bank of Credit and Commerce International [1997] IRLR 462
Trade unionists have feelings too (10)
Cleveland Ambulance NHS Trust v Blane [Times, March 1997] (EAT)
How much for injury to feelings? (9)
Review of recent decisions

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