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Links to archived editions are below. To read newer editions of the LELR from 1st May 2011 onwards visit Dismissals.

Forward Contracts (Weekly 212)
Tullet Prebon Plc and ors v BGC Broker LP and ors
Exception to the rule (Weekly 189)
Bashir and anor v Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Handle with Care (Weekly 114)
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust v Small
Reasonably Responsive (Weekly 92)
Claridge v Daler Rowney Ltd
Reasons to Dismiss (Weekly 68)
Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd v Jefferson
National Scandal (Weekly 67)
National Staff Dismissal Register
Don't Expire (Weekly 55)
Airbus v Webb
Expiry signs (Weekly 5)
Airbus Ltd v Webb
Regulating dismissal
(Weekly 4)
McLean v Rainbow Homeloans Ltd (2007, IRLR 14)
Nursing a grievance
(Weekly 2)
Chen v BUPA Care Home Ltd
Redundant exercise (Weekly 2)
Software 2000 v Andrews
Decision Dismissed (Weekly 1)
Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming Ltd v Ally
No such thing as a free-standing right
Scott-Davies v Redgate Medical Services
Dismissal rights for ministers (117)
The New Testament Church of God v Reverend S Stewart
Extension of Time (117)
London Borough of Lambeth v Corlett
Payment on sick leave (116)
It makes you sick
Mutually Obliged (115)
ABC News Intercontinental v Gizbert
Breach of Procedure (113)
Mason v Ward End Primary School
Unfair Dismissal (113)
Alexander and anor v Bridgen Enterprises Ltd
Defective Hearings (113)
Taylor v OCS Group Ltd
Vanishing Dismissals (112)
Dismissal just before a TUPE transfer
Contemplating Dismissal (111)
Madhewoo v NHS Direct
Expiry Date (111)
Diosynth v Thomson
Working Abroad (110)
Serco v Lawson
Botham v Ministry of Defence
Croft v ors
Veta Ltd v ors
Unfair Treatment (110)
Enterprise Liverpool plc v Bauress
Contract Apprenticeships (110)
Flett v Matheson
Compensating dismissal (107)
Melia v Magna Kansei Ltd
Annual claim (107)
Pacitti Jones v O'Brien (IRLR 2005, 888)
It's all so unfair (107)
Review of the law on unfair dismissal and redundancy
Personality plus (106)
Perkin v St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust
Trade secrets (106)
Willow Oak Developments Ltd t/a Windsor Recruitment v Silverwood
Constructive architect (105)
Land Securities Trillium Ltd v Thornley (2005, IRLR 765)
Polkey moves on (104)
Polkey v A E Dayton Services (1987, IRLR 503); Lambe v 186K LTD, (2004 EWCA Civ 1045); King v Eaton No 2 (1998, IRLR 68)
Building up to dismissal (104)
Kerry Foods Ltd v Lynch (2005, IRLR 680)
Mr Melia (103)
Melia v Magna Kansei Ltd
Not so sacred Sunday (103)
Copsey v WWB Devon Clays Ltd
Agency workers (102)
Bunce v Postworth Limited t/a Skyblue
Substantial reason in the news (102)
Scott & Co v Richardson
Not so calculating (100)
Port of Tilbury (London) Ltd v Birch and ors (2005, IRLR 92)
Uplifting awards (100)
Melia v Magna Kansei Ltd
Reasonably adjustable (99)
Williams v J Walter Thompson Group Ltd
Credit conflict (98)
Morgans v Alpha Plus Security Ltd; Voith Turbo Ltd v Stowe
The last straw (98)
London Borough of Waltham Forest v Omilaju (2005, IRLR 35)
Time out (97)
Palfrey v Transco (2004, IRLR 916)
Own up, own up (97)
Item Software Ltd v Fassihi (IRLR 2004, 928)
Discrete payment (97)
Horkulak v Cantor Fitzgerald International (CFI) (2004, IRLR 942) A taxing matter (96)
Wilson (HM Inspector of Taxes) v Clayton (2004, IRLR 611)
The last straw (96)
London Borough of Waltham Forest v Omilaju
Time limits (94)
Marks and Spencer v Williams Ryan
Claiming for injury (94)
Eastwood & anor v Magnox Electric plc, McCabe v Cornwall County Council & ors
Confidentiality confirmed (94)
Asda Stores Ltd v Thompson & ors (2004, IRLR 598)
A dependant dismissal (94)
Forster v Cartwright Black Solicitors (IDS 765)
Appealing dismissal for an unwanted job (92)
Roberts v West Coast Trains Ltd
The final straw (90)
Omilaju v London Borough of Waltham Forest
Interim employment order (89)
Dowling v Berkely Logistics
No money for loss of opportunity (88)
Harper v Virgin Net Ltd
The terminator (88)
Fitzgerald v University of Kent at Canterbury (IDS Brief 753)
Dismissal causes injury to feelings (87)
Dunnachie v Kingston
Take notice when you're dismissed (87)
Rai v Somerfield Stores Ltd (IRLR 2004, 124)
Stressing the breadth of the concept of dismissal (81)
Thanet District Council v Webster (EAT, case no 1090/01, unreported)
Employer's belief (80)
Post Office (Consignia PLC) v Burkett [2003] EWCA CIV 748
Manner of dismissal compensation (75)
McCabe v Cornwall County Council and the Governing Body of Mounts Bay School [2002] EWCA Civ 1887
Unfair dismissal protection Hitt again (74)
Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd v Hitt [2002] EWCA Civ 1588
Sex and the City (73)
Julie Bower v Cheapside (SSL) Ltd (formerly Schroder Securities Ltd) ET (unreported)
Give me a reason (71)
South Ayrshire Council v Morton [2002] IRLR 256
The price is right (69)
Elkouil v Coney Island Ltd [2002] IRLR 174
Cause and effect (68)
Edwards v Governors of Hanson School [2001] IRLR 733
Tell it like it is (68)
Amor v Galliard Homes Ltd EAT 25.09.01 Case No. 47/01
Breaching trust and confidence: latest cases (66)
Morrow v Safeway Stores plc [2002] IRLR 9
Hilton v Shiner Builders Merchants [2001] IRLR 727
BG plc v O'Brien [2001] IRLR 496
Johnstone v W Wilson and Sons IRLB 667
Quinn v Weir Systems Ltd IRLB 673
Thug justice (63)
Post Office v Liddiard, unreported, Court of Appeal 7 June 2001
Mixed messages (61)
Derby Specialist Fabrication Ltd v Burton [2001] IRLR 69 EAT
Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Harley [2001] IRLR 263 EAT
It's the way that you do it (60)
Johnson v Unisys Limited [2001] IRLR 279
But what does it all mean? (54)
Gard & Co v Symonds IRLB 647
T & K Home Improvements Limited v Skilton [2000] IRLR 595
Clark v Nomura International Plc October 2000 IRLB 651
Blowing the whistle on elderly care (51)
Bladon v ALM Medical Services Ltd (Manchester Employment Tribunal, IRLB 648)
All that's left is a band of reasonable responses (50)
Foley v Post Office
HSBC Bank Plc v Madden
(Court of Appeal) 17 August 2000
Time on my side? (48)
Drage v Governors of Greenford High School [2000] IRLR 314
The band strikes up again but softly (45)
Midland Bank Plc v Madden EAT
7th March 2000(unreported)
End of the road for Seymour-Smith (44)
R v Secretary of State for Employment ex parte Seymour-Smith and Perez (House of Lords 17th February 2000)
The band (of reasonable responses) falls silent (41)
Haddon v Van Den Burgh Foods Limited EAT/1160/98 IRLR November 1999 672
Trade union dismissals (38)
Pittaway v Street to Street Limited (EAT/1467/98 July 6 1999 unreported)
Automatically unfair (38)
Whitehouse v Blatchford & Sons [I999] IRLR 492 (CA)
Time is on my side (36)
Schultz v Esso Petroleum Co Ltd (1999) IDS Brief 636
Come on down: unfair dismissal threshold reduced (34)
Terms and Conditions of Employment, the Unfair Dismissal and Statement of Reasons for dismissal (Variation of Qualifying Period) Order 1999
Long-awaited, but indecisive (32)
European Court of Justice Decision in Seymour-Smith
Sacked too soon (31)
Raspin v United News Shops Limited [1999] IRLR 9 (EAT)
To mitigate or not to mitigate? (29)
Dench v Flynn and Partners, CA [1998] IRLR 653
Counting compensation (28)
Heggie v Uniroyal Englebert Tyres Ltd 1998 IRLR 425 (EAT)
Identifying the transfer (27)
Morris v John Grose Group Limited [1998] IRLR 499 (EAT)
Leaving employment - reason for giving resignation (27)
Holland v Glendale Industrial Ltd [1998] ICR 493 Employment Appeal Tribunal
Claiming in time (26)
London Underground Ltd.v Noel (unreported)
Employment Appeal Tribunal
13 May 1998
Unfair dismissal: less than two years service (26)
When a review gains appeal (26)
Adivihalli v Export Credits Guarantee Department, Appeal No. EAT/917/97, unreported
Code breakers beware (25)
Lock v Cardiff Railway Company Ltd IRLR (1998) 358 EAT
Men benefit from women's equality (25)
Jesuthasan v London Borough Council of Hammersmith & Fulham, Court of Appeal (1998) IRLR 373
Payment in lieu of notice: debt under contract or damages for breach of contract? (25)
Gregory v Wallace (1998) IRLR 387, Court of Appeal
Disability, dismissal and reasonable adjustments (24)
Morse v Wiltshire County Council EAT, Times Law Report, 11 May 1998
Unfair dismissal compensation (23)
Whelan v Richardson [1998] IRLR 114
Transfers and economic dismissals (23)
Warner v Adnet (IDS Brief)
Dismissal claims to be adjourned pending Seymour-Smith (21)
Davidson v City Electrical Factors Ltd [1998] IRLR 108
Injunction prevents dismissals (21)
Anderson v Pringle of Scotland [1998] IRLR 64
Dismissing without notice (21)
Morran v Glasgow Council of Tenants Association [1998] IRLR 67
Janciuk v Winerite Ltd [1998] IRLR 63
Refusing to follow racist policy (20)
Weathersfield Ltd v Sargent EAT ICR 1998 Page 198
Where breach of contract by employer is not unfair dismissal (20)
Farrant v The Woodroofe School [ICR] 184 1998
Licence to dismiss first and ask questions later (20)
Alboni v Ind Coope Retail Limited [1998] IRLR 131
It's not just what you do, it's the way that you do it (18)
Goodwin v Cable Tel UK Limited IRLR 665 1997
Strikers not to blame for dismissal (16)
Tracey and Others v Crosville Wales Limited
Times Law Reports (1997) IRLR
Hitting the two year hurdle (16)
Morris v Walsh Western UK Limited [1997] IRLR 562 (EAT)
Representatives and statutory rights (15)
Mennell v Newell and Wright (Transport Contractors) Limited [1997] IRLR 519 (Court of Appeal)
Pregnancy related sickness and discrimination (13)
Handels-og Kontorfunktionaerernes Forbund i Danmark, acting on behalf of Helle Elisabeth Larsson v Dansk Handel & Service (Larrson v Fotex) European Court of Justice 29 May 1997
Stephenson v F A Wellworth & Co Limited (Northern Ireland Court of Appeal) (DCLD 32 Summer 1997)
Fixed-term contracts - waiver clauses (12)
BBC v Kelly-Phillips (25 June 1997) EAT/1397/96 unreported
Housing Services Agency v Cragg [1997] IRLR 380 EAT
Take Care! (11)
Brightman & Others v Cornwall Care Ltd
[Industrial Tribunal, 11 April 1997]
House of Lords refers two year limit case to ECJ (10)
R v Secretary of State for Employment, ex parte Seymour Smith and another (unreported) House of Lords 13 March 1997
Compensation formula (8)
Digital Equipment Co Ltd v Clements (EAT, unreported) 5 December 1996, overturning decision reported at [1996] IRLR 513
Employer must give maternity rights guidance (8)
Gray v Smith, IT Belfast
Not very appealing in the race against time to submit claim (7)
Post Office v Adekeye, Times Law Report 3 December 1996
Health, safety and the sack (7)
Tedeschi v Hosiden Besson Ltd EAT 210 1996 (959/95)
Smiths Industries Aerospace and Defence Systems v Rawlings [1996] IRLR 656
EAT slashes compensation payments (4)
Digital Equipment Co Ltd v Clements [1996] IRLR 513
Tough line on time limit (3)
Westley v SEBBCO Capital markets LTD EAT 1169/95 23 April 1996 (unreported)
TUPE: two year's service needed for unfair dismissal claim (2)
MRS Environmental Services Limited v Marsh and Harvey (Court of Appeal 9 July 1996)
Procedure defective, not conclusive (2)
Westminster City Council v Cabaj [1996] IRLR 399
Still waiting on two years' judgement (2)
R v Secretary of State for Employment ex parte Seymour-Smith
Bullying in the workplace (2)
Two years' service not needed if you insist on statutory rights (2)
Menell v Newell & Wright (Transport Contractors) Ltd [1996] IRLR 384
EAT blocks attempt to hurdle two year barrier (1)
Focsa Services (UK) Limited v Birkett [IRLR] 1996 325

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