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Transfers of undertakings

Links to archived editions are below.  To read newer editions of the LELR from 1st May 2011 onwards visit Transfers of undertakings.

Absolutely Insolvent (Weekly 212)
OTG Ltd v Barke and ors
Economic entity (Weekly 209)
CLECE SA v María Socorro Martín Valor and Ayuntamiento de Cobisa
An Acquired Taste (Weekly 197)
Albron Catering BV v FNV Bondgenoten and John Roest
No Transfer Bar (Weekly 195)
Wood v London Colney Parish Council
Measured Transfer (Weekly 189)
Todd v Strain and ors
Changing Workforce (Weekly 184)
Nationwide Building Society v Benn and ors
Statute trumps TUPE (Weekly 181)
Worrall v Wilmott Dixon
Cease Now (Weekly 169)
Ward Hadaway Solicitors v Capsticks LLP and ors
Dynamic Transfers (Weekly 162)
Parkwood Leisure Ltd v Alemo-Herron
It’s good to talk (125)
Consultation under TUPE
Reality Transfer (Weekly 152)
Cable Realisations Ltd v GMB
Continuity (Weekly 149)
Oakland v Wellswood (Yorkshire) Ltd
Services Rendered (Weekly 145)
OCS Group UK Ltd v Jones and anor
No Guarantee (Weekly 144)
Royal Mail Group Ltd v Communication Workers Union
Subject or Object (Weekly 137)
Tapere v South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
Hive of Activity (Weekly 128)
Metropolitan Resources Ltd v Churchill Dulwich Ltd and ors
Clear as Mud (Weekly 128)
Clearsprings Management Ltd v Ankers and ors
Pay up (Weekly 122)
Rank Nemo (DMS) Ltd and ors v Coutinho
Post-op (Weekly 116)
Amicus and ors v Glasgow City Council and ors
Post-Transfer Window (Weekly 111)
Alemo-Herron v Parkwood Leisure Ltd
Liquid Losses (Weekly 111)
Oakland v Wellswood (Yorkshire) Ltd
Genuine Belief (Weekly 107)
Royal Mail Group Ltd v Communication Workers Union
Splitting Up (Weekly 87)
Kimberley Group Housing Ltd v Hambley and ors; Angel Services (UK) Ltd v Hambley and ors
Legal Liabilities (Weekly 78)
Perry’s Motor Sales Ltd and Perry’s (Burnley) Ltd v Lindley
Transfer Scheme
(Weekly 73)
Dynamex Friction Ltd and anor v Amicus and ors
The Crucial Question (Weekly 70)
CAB Automotive Ltd v Blake and ors
Timely Transfer (Weekly 65)
Coutinho v Vision Information Services (UK) Ltd and Rank Nemo (DMS) Ltd
Moves Abroad (Weekly 57)
Holis Metal Industries Ltd v GMB and Newell Ltd
Newly Transferred (Weekly 51)
New ISG Limited v Vernon and ors
Rights Transfer (Weekly 51)
Power v Regent Security Services Ltd
Figure of Eight (Weekly 48)
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry v Slater and ors
Acquiring Rights
(Weekly 48)
Jouini and ors v Princess Personal Services GMBH
Existing Transfer (Weekly 45)
Jackson v Computershare Investor Services plc
Something's Cooking (Weekly 35)
Compass Group UK and Ireland v (1) Burke (2) De-Graft-Enorzah (3) Oasis Catering
Transfer Reason (Weekly 16)
Hynd v Armstrong and ors
Share and Share Alike
(Weekly 16)
Millam v The Print Factory (London) 1991 Ltd
Pensions Transfer
(Weekly 9)
Power v Regent Security Services Ltd
Making tracks (Weekly 8)
RMT v Balfour Beatty
A serious undertaking
(Weekly 3)
Balfour Beatty Power Networks Ltd and anor v Wilcox and ors (2007, IRLR 63)
ETO Reason (117)
London Metropolitan University v Sackur and others
Share and share alike (115)
The Print Factory (London) 1991 Ltd v Millan
TUPE 2006 (115)
Guidance from the DTI
Flying Visit (113)
Cross and Gibson v BA
Time to Transfer (110)
A brief overview of the new TUPE regulations
TUPE guidance (109)
DTI guidance on revised TUPE regulations (due to come into force on 1 April 2006)
Who's who (108)
Crest Packaging Ltd and ors v Bell and ors
Tiptoe through the TUPE (106)
Scottish Coal Co Ltd v McCormick and ors
TUPE transfer trouble (104)
Amicus v Friction Dynamex Ltd (2005, IRLR 724)
Delay on TUPE regs (102)
Delay of implementation of new Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations until 2006
Time transfer (102)
Celtec Ltd v Astley
TUPE regulations (100)
DTI consultation
Consult under TUPE (99)
Howard v Millrise Ltd t/a Colourflow (in liquidation) and anor (2005, IRLR 84)
Deduct from TUPE (99)
Ackinclose and ors v Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council (2005, IRLR 79)
To pay or not to pay (96)
Johanna Maria Boor, née Delahaye v Ministre de la Fonction Publique et de la Réforme Administrative
Taking on TUPE (96)
Astle and ors v Cheshire County Council and anor
Time of transfer (94)
Powerhouse Retails Ltd & ors v Burroughs & ors
More than the sum of its parts (89)
Fairhurst Ward Abbotts Ltd v Botes Building Ltd & Ors
Pregnant and productive (88)
EoC investigation into discrimination faced by pregnant women at work
Second generation TUPE (86)
Abler v Sodexho MM Catering Gesellschaft (IDS Brief 749)
Getting old with TUPE (86)
Martin and Ors v South Bank University (IDS 747; IRLR 2004, 74)
Divided, not conquered (85)
Glendale Managed Services v Graham and others [2003] IRLR 465
An implied term to notify changes (83)
Fairhurst Ward Abbots Ltd v (1) Botes Building Ltd; (2) Mr K Vaughan and others EAT 1007/00, IRLB 721 September 2003
One man and his job: it's still about Schmidt (80)
Dudley Bower Building Services Limited v Lowe [2003] IRLR 260 (EAT)
Fairhurst Ward Abbotts Ltd v Botes Building Ltd and others, Times Law Report 16/4/03 (EAT)
Boiling down the human stock (76)
CPL Distribution Limited v Todd [2003] IRLR 28 (Court of Appeal)
Bend it like Beckmann (73)(76)
Beckmann v Dynamco Whicheloe Macfarlane Ltd [2002] IRLR 578 ECJ
TUPE: engineered to fit employment rights? (70)
Wynwith Engineering v Bennett
[2002] IRLR 170 (EAT)
RCO Support Services Limited v UNISON and others [2002]
EWCA Civ 464 (Court of Appeal)
Temco Service Industries SA v Imzilyen (Case C-51/00)
(European Court of Justice)
Promises, promises (67)
Hagen and Ors. v ICI Chemicals and Polymers Ltd. [2002] IRLR 31' (67)
Lutak v William West & Son (Ilkeston) Limited IRLB 681 January 2002
Thompson v SCS Consulting Limited and others [2001] IRLR 801
Ralton v Havering FE College [2001] IRLR 738
TGWU v James [2001] IRLR 597
Revising TUPE (64)
Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981: Government Proposals for Reform and Detailed Background Paper URNO1/1158
Consultation document published at last (62)
DTI consultation paper on amendments to the TUPE Regulations
The never ending story (61)
ADI (UK) Limited v Firm Security Group Limited [REF] (CA)
Rossiter v Pendragon plc [2001] IRLR 256 (EAT)
There will be another one along in a moment (56)
Oy Liikenne Ab v Liskojarvi (Case 172/99) ECJ 25 January 2001
Cheesman and others v Brewer [2001] IRLR (EAT)
TUPE and the public sector (53)
Mayeur v Association Promotion de L'information Messine (APIM) [2000] IRLR 783 (ECJ)
Collino v Telecom Italia SPA [2000] IRLR 788 (ECJ)
More recent cases on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981: 2 TUPE loops the loop (49)
Lightways (Contractors) Limited v Associated Holdings Limited [2000] IRLR 247 (Court of Session)
Whitewater Leisure Management Limited v Barnes [2000] IRLR 456 (EAT)
Willer v ADI (UK) Limited, IDS Brief, EAT
RCO Support Services Ltd v UNISON and others (EAT 28/6/00, unreported)
Recent cases on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981: 1 TUPE loopy (48)
DJ Collins v John Ansell & Partners Ltd, IDS Brief 659, EAT/124/99
Honeycombe 78 Limited v Cummins and other and the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, IDS Brief 657 EAT/100/99
Maxwell Fleet and Facilities Management Limited (in administration) [2000] IRLR 368 (High Court)
Euro-Die (UK) Limited v Skidmore and Genesis Diesinking Limited, IDS Brief 655, (EAT)
University of Oxford v Humphreys and Associated Examining Board [2000] IRLR 183 (Court of Appeal)
Clutterbuck and others v MOD, IDS Brief 662, (EAT)
Bernadone v Pall Mall; Martin v Lancashire County Council [2000] IRLR 487 (Court of Appeal)
Rights are not mythical (44)
Unicorn Consultancy Services Ltd v Westbrook and others [2000] IRLR 80
Allen and others v Amalgamated Construction Co Ltd [2000] IRLR 119
ECJ to rule on TUPE scope (43)
Beckmann v Dynamco (High Court 14/1/2000, unreported)
TUPE consultation rights transfer with the undertaking (42)
Kerry Foods Ltd v Creber (Employment Appeal Tribunal) [2000] IRLR 20
TUPE still delivers (39)
ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd v Cox [1999] IRLR 559 (Court of Appeal) s38 Employment Relations Act 1999
Automatically unfair (38)
Whitehouse v Blatchford & Sons [I999] IRLR 492 (CA)
Continuity announcement (36)
Lassman and others v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry [1999] ICR 416 (EAT)
EAT sees sense (34)
CWW Logistics v (1) Ronald (2) Digital Equipment (Scotland) Ltd IDS Brief March 1999 633
Spanish practices (32)
Hernandez Vidal SA v Gomez Perez [1999] IRLR 132 (ECJ)
Sanchez Hidalgo v Associacion de Servicio Aser [1999] IRLR 136 (ECJ)
Magna Housing Association Ltd v Turner and others, EAT 21/10/98 (IDS Brief 631)
Lightways (Contractors) Ltd v Hood and others, EAT 17/11/98 (IDS Brief 631)
A key source of protection (30)
(1) UNISON and others v Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust and RCO support Services Limited
(2) UNISON and others v Initial Hospital Services and RCO Support Services Limited
Liverpool Employment Tribunal decision 2 November 1998
TUPE and share transfers (29)
Brookes v Borough Care Services and CLS Care Services Ltd, EAT [1998] IRLR 636
TUPE and changes to contract (29)
British Fuels Ltd v Meade and Baxendale
Wilson and others v St Helens Borough Council [1998] IRLR 706
Setback for redundancy rights (27)
Abusin' Suzen, but losin' (26)
ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd v Cox, EAT
15 May 1998
TUPE plus ça change? (24)
(Proposed Amendment to the Acquired Rights Directive)
Changing terms after a transfer (20)
Cornwall County Care Ltd v Brightman, Employment Appeal Tribunal 27 February 1998, unreported
Dog wardens: TUPE bites back (20)
The Highland Council v Walker (unreported) EAT Scotland, 25 November 1997
TUPE - what next? (Acquired Rights Directive) (17)
Automatic for the workers (17)
Senior Heat Treatment Ltd v Bell (1997) IRLR 614
Hitting the two year hurdle (16)
Clark & Tokeley Limited v Oakes [1997] IRLR 564 (EAT)
TUPE taken to the cleaners (15)
Superclean Support Services plc v Lansana and Wetton Cleaning Services, EAT 20 May 1997, unreported
TUPE transfer a matter of fact not law (14)
DRB Maintenance Limited v (1) Andrew Douglas and (2) Peter Andrew Douglas
Unreported 22. 5. 97 EAT Scotland
TUPE: Changes in Contracts (13)
Wilson & others v St Helens BC Meade and other v British Fuels Limited (Court of Appeal 10 July 1997, unreported)
Pension rights following business transfers (11)
Adams & Others v Lancashire County Council & Another [Court of Appeal, 15 May 1997]
Losin' Suzen gives TUPE a bruisin' (10)
Suzen v Zehnacker Gebaudereinigung GmbH Krankenhausservice [1997] IRLR 255
Betts v Brintel and KLM (Court of Appeal, 26 March 1997)
Where are we now? (10)
Suzen v Zehnacker Gebaudereinigung GmbH Krankenhausservice (European Court of Justice, 11 March 1997)
Betts v Brintel and KLM (Court of Appeal, 26 March 1997)
European Commission Explanatory Memorandum: Guidelines on the Application of the Acquired Rights Directive
Evans v East Riding of Yorkshire (Industrial Tribunal, 18 February 1997)
Telepathic transfer (10)
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry v Cook [1997] IRLR 150 (EAT)
TUPE and derecognition (10)
Whent and others v T Cartledge Ltd [1997] IRLR 153 (EAT)
The state - we're in (9)
NUT v Governing Body of St Mary's Church of England School (IDS Brief 582/February 1997)
EAT puts right a TUPE wrong (9)
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry v Cook (EAT) 13 December 1996, IDS Brief 583
Right to pay increases following a transfer (7)
BET Catering Services Ltd v Ball and others (EAT, 28 November 1996, unreported)
New ruling on public admin staff and TUPE (5)
Henke v Gemeinde Schierke, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft "Brocken", European Court, 15 October 1996
EAT adds another twist (5)
Meade and Baxendale v British Fuels Ltd [1996] IRLR 541
Protection when only part transfers (5)
Buchanan-Smith v Schleicher [1996] IRLR 547 (EAT)
Securicor Guarding Ltd v Fraser Security Services [1996] IRLR 552 (EAT)
UK Govt could face Euro fines over consultation regulations (4)
(Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1995)
Scots EAT flings a spanner in the TUPE works (3)
Hay v George Hanson (Building Contractors) Limited [1996] IRLR 427
IT thaws pay freeze move (3)
Ball v BET Catering (Industrial Tribunal, unreported 9 April 1996)
Left on the Shelf (3)
Addison and 157 others v Safe Service AB and others (Industrial Tribunal, unreported 5 July 1996)
TUPE: two year's service needed for unfair dismissal claim (2)
MRS Environmental Services Limited v Marsh and Harvey (Court of Appeal 9 July 1996)
Employers: duty to consult (1)
(Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations 1995)
It's good to talk...and that's official (1)
(Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations 1995)
Do your rights survive the transfer? (1)
Wilson & others v St Helens Borough Council [1996] IRLR 320 (EAT)
Merckx v Ford Motor Company Belgium SA (Case 171/94) (ECJ)

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