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Religious Discrimination

Links to archived editions are below. To read newer editions of the LELR from 1st May 2011 onwards visit Religious Discrimination.

Psychic Power (Weekly 201)
Power v Greater Manchester Police
Just the gist (Weekly 171)
Home Office v Tariq
Manifest belief (Weekly 154)
McFarlane v Relate Avon Ltd
Being Civil
(Weekly 154)
Ladele v London Borough of Islington and anor
Relating Well (Weekly 151)
McFarlane v Relate Avon Ltd
Climate Change (Weekly 147)
Grainger plc and ors v Nicholson
Believe it or Not (Weekly 109)
Chondol v Liverpool City Council
It's my belief (Weekly 107)
Saini v All Saints Haque Centre and ors
Civil Rights (Weekly 103)
London Borough of Islington and Ladele
A Cross to Bear (Weekly 101)
Eweida v British Airways
Hair Today (Weekly 43)
Harris v NKL Automotive Ltd
Religious fervour (Weekly 13)
Glasgow City Council v McNab
Veiled beliefs (Weekly 13)
Azmi v Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council

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