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23 November 2004

Desperate bid to trace colleagues of tragic victim of asbestos

Premature and painful death from mesothelioma

Lawyers acting for the family of scaffolder Peter John James of Sageston, Tenby who suffered a premature and painful death from the asbestos cancer mesothelioma are desperate to trace his former colleagues.

Peter James, who died in April 2002 aged 54 leaving a widow and three children, spent years erecting and dismantling scaffolding at Pembroke Power Station and at the oil refineries in Milford Haven working next to laggers who were removing and replacing asbestos lagging on pipes and plant. Peter James and his colleagues were exposed to the deadly dust on a daily basis with no protection (picture shows, left to right: Peter James; an unidentified former colleague; Phillip Thomas; and a second unidentified former colleague).

He was employed by contractors, Mills Scaffolding, in the late 1960s and early 1970s and by SM Scaffolding from 1974 to 1977 at Pembroke Power Station.  He also worked for Mills during the 1970s at the Esso, Gulf and Amoco Oil Refineries.

Thompsons Solicitors need to trace former colleagues

Thompsons Solicitors, the leading specialists in asbestos related disease cases for injured victims and their families, needs to trace Peter James's former colleagues in order to get more details about the environment he was forced to work in.

Information from former workmates is needed to support a claim for compensation by his widow Jean James.

Joanna Stevens, the family's solicitor from Thompsons in Cardiff said:

"Mesothelioma is a terrible terminal illness caused by employers' disregard for their workers' lives. Asbestos-related diseases will cause 10,000 deaths a year by 2010 and will be the biggest industrial killer of all time. It is vital that we trace Peter James's former colleagues, not because compensation can make up for his death, but to ensure that those people who forced him to work in such deadly conditions pay for what they did."

If you worked at Pembroke Power Station or the Refineries at the same time as Peter James, or have family or friends who did, please contact Joanna Stevens at Thompsons on 07813 025 953.

Jean James is available for interview.

Thompsons Solicitors have since published an update to this story.  For more information visit "Tenby family secure over £200,000 compensation for tragic victim of asbestos cancer".

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