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Mark's Story

“My mam describes Thompsons as being ‘Absolutely great – they can’t do enough to help you!’ And I know she’s recommended Thompsons to other people.”  Mark

“In 2001, when I was 17, I was a passenger in a terrible car accident.

The car I was in skidded and went over a 70 foot drop and into a beck.

I had broken my neck and was trapped, and the car was letting water in.

I’m lucky to be alive.

The day I was told I would be paralysed from the chest downwards and wouldn’t walk again was the day I determined not to break.

I drive using only my hands and passed my driving test 2 years ago.

And I’ve developed other interests.

I was a very keen footballer and rugby player and have now started playing wheelchair rugby. I play for Newcastle Bulls.

During my time in hospital, which included an 8-hour session in surgery, my family and I discussed the degree of support and treatment I need, the very considerable costs involved and claiming compensation.

Thompsons Solicitors acted for us in our claim.

They were really thorough in evaluating my needs.

They talked to my carers at length about my current and future needs and their costs.

Thompsons’ Andrew McDonald became a very good friend.

He mostly dealt with my mam. But when he needed to see me he would call round to our home which was much easier than me getting to him.

Thompsons were also really good at keeping us in the picture.

They made sure we knew what was going to happen and when it would happen.

Today, I’m getting on with moving forward in my life in a variety of ways and I’m grateful for how Thompsons have helped with it all.