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11th November 2013

Hindley Green neighbourhood asbestos pollution victim compensated

Former resident exposed to the dust as a child

A 61-year-old woman diagnosed with fatal asbestos cancer years after being exposed to the dust has successfully recovered over £70,000 compensation from the Turner & Newall Asbestos Trust.

The woman, who lived only 500 yards from the Turner Brothers asbestos factory in Hindley Green as a child in the 1950s and 60s, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable form of cancer, in the autumn of 2012.

First person to be compensated for environmental exposure from the Turner and Newall plant near Wigan

The former resident of Hindley Green is believed to be the first person to be compensated for environmental exposure from the Turner and Newall plant near Wigan.

The woman, who was a keen runner, visited her GP after noticing unusual shortness of breath. A chest X-ray revealed a shadow on her lung which was later diagnosed as mesothelioma.

She contacted Thompsons Solicitors to investigate her case for compensation. Thompsons secured damages of over £70,000 from the Turner & Newall Asbestos Trust which was set up to compensate people exposed to asbestos by the company after it went into Administration in 2001.

She had lived near the asbestos factory between the age of 5 and 19.

She said: “When we were growing up, clouds of asbestos dust were visible in the air and would get on our clothes. I spent my childhood playing in the fields that surrounded the plant. I remember asbestos dust being brought in to our house on the shoes and clothes of visitors; it lined the outside window panes.”

She said: “This illness has completely shattered my life. Growing up next to the Hindley Green Turner Brothers factory all those years ago caused my cancer. I had always been busy, fit and active. This has been an extremely distressing time for myself and my family.”

Steven Dickens from Thompsons Solicitors said: “Many people diagnosed with mesothelioma were exposed to asbestos decades ago while at work and this caused their condition. But in this case the mesothelioma was caused by the Turner Brothers factory polluting the local environment. We believe this is the first successful mesothelioma claim to the Turner & Newall Trust for an environmental exposure case relating to the factory at Hindley Green.”

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