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Patrick's Story

“Thompsons Solicitors… were brilliant right from day one! And the whole case was all done quicker than we thought it would be!”
Patrick’s mum

“I was absolutely devastated when my son, Patrick, had his accident.

He was badly brain damaged when a gantry he was working from collapsed and I was told he was unlikely to survive.

Only a few years earlier I had lost my husband – and now I was facing the loss of my only child.

I was also extremely angry to learn the gantry had collapsed because the wrong bolts were used to secure it.

But I never say “never” and thank goodness Patrick regained consciousness, although he was unable to speak.

In fact, he was to spend the best part of the next 4 years in hospital and rehab.

Even though improvement was hoped for it was very clear Patrick was going to need lifelong care and remedial therapies and a home specially adapted to his condition.

The costs of all this were hopelessly beyond my reach.

I had already had to give up my work to help look after him, even before he came home.

I met Thompsons Solicitors to discuss claiming for compensation on Patrick’s behalf and see what other help I could get and they were brilliant right from day one!

They explained everything ... we got an interim payment quite quickly which enabled the purchase and adapting of a bungalow to suit Patrick’s needs before he was discharged from the hospital.

And the whole case was all done quicker than we thought it would be!

Thompsons kept in touch all the time, brought in various specialists and experts, and were very thorough in assessing the present and future costs of care for Patrick.

I was very happy with the settlement and I’ve got detailed accounts covering the next 40 years!

It’s now five years since the accident and Patrick is severely disabled and will always need care. Nevertheless he is now speaking more and more, feeding himself, doing his own toiletries, learning how to walk - and he swears brilliantly!”

Patrick’s Mum