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PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
  Information about PPE
What injuries can be caused by lack of PPE?
  Risks to health and safety without appropriate PPE
Is it my employer's duty to provide me with PPE?
  Will I have to purchase my own PPE to use at work?
News stories we have published about Personal Protective Equipment
  Compensation Claims we have dealt with involving PPE Issues
Make a claim for Personal Injury Compensation
  How to start a Compensation Claim

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Information about PPE

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE as it is more commonly known is all the equipment a worker needs to wear or use to protect them from risks to their health and safety which cannot be controlled in other ways.  In other words PPE should be a last resort and the risk to health and safety should be avoided completely if at all possible.

PPE includes respirators and masks, safety boots, overalls, goggles (or other eye protection), ear defenders, safety helmets, gloves, harnesses and high visibility clothing.  PPE also includes clothing needed to protect a worker against adverse weather conditions.

If you have been injured at work and your injury was caused or made worse by the lack of PPE you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensationContact us for legal advice.

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What injuries can be caused by lack of PPE?

Risks to health and safety without appropriate PPE

There are many different types of injuries which can be caused by a worker having no PPE or inappropriate PPE.

Obvious injuries would include lacerations or amputations where safety gloves or safety boots are not worn, head injuries or brain injuries caused by lack of a safety helmet and catastrophic injuries caused by a faulty harness.

It is not just accidents which can occur as a result of a lack of appropriate PPE though; industrial diseases are also commonly caused by a lack of PPE.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors have dealt with many claims in the past for the following industrial diseases which could have been prevented if workers had been provided with appropriate PPE:

asbestos-related diseases
industrial deafness
occupational asthma
occupational dermatitis
vibration white finger

There are also many other accidents and illnesses which can be caused as a result of having no appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.  To find out if you have a valid claim for compensation contact us on 08000 224 224 for legal advice.

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Is it my employer's duty to provide me with PPE?

Will I have to purchase my own PPE to use at work?

Regulations state that all PPE necessary should be provided free of charge by your employer as it is an employer's duty to keep their employees safe whilst at work. Employers cannot ask for any financial contribution to be made towards the PPE by their employee.

The regulations go onto say that it is also an employer's duty to ensure that the PPE is properly assessed before use to ensure it is suitable and that the PPE is stored and maintained properly.  An employer also has to provide their employee with instructions on how to use the PPE correctly and ensure that their employees do use it correctly. If a worker has to wear several different PPE items such as breathing equipment and eye protection, the PPE must be compatible with each other and be capable of being worn together without undermining the full and desired protection to be afforded by each.

If you are injured at work due to a lack of PPE, inappropriate PPE or lack of training on how to use the PPE, you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim against your employer.  Contact us for legal advice.

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News stories we have published about Personal Protective Equipment

Compensation Claims we have dealt with involving PPE Issues

In the past we have published news stories on our website about accidents or illnesses which have been caused by a lack of appropriate PPE.  To read a selection of these, follow the links below or to read all of our news stories, visit our News Desk.

24th September 2013 - South Yorkshire steel factory compensate scarred worker
25th July 2013 - Worker left with long term illness due to chemical exposure wins substantial damages
24th July 2013 - Unsuitable equipment to blame for worker’s injury, says Unite the Union
24th June 2013 - Railway worker compensated for asbestos cancer
20th June 2013 - Supervisor responsible for 23 year old man’s paralysis is sentenced by Durham Crown Court
12th June 2013 - Boiler manufacturer in hot water as ex-employee is diagnosed with fatal cancer
4th June 2013 - Family compensated after father dies from asbestos lung cancer
16th May 2013 - Retired Tyneside shipyard worker compensated for chronic lung condition
12th April 2013 - Factory worker compensated after developing noise induced deafness
8th February 2013 - Power station worker compensated for asbestos cancer
23rd January 2013 - JCB pays damages to GMB member after failing to provide gloves to stop skin condition
21st January 2013 - Healthcare worker partially blinded after Trust’s health and safety failures
11th January 2013 - Nuclear mathematician’s family compensated for fatal asbestos cancer
18th December 2012 - Engineer compensated after developing dermatitis due to lack of protective gloves
10th December 2012 - Thompsons secures £160,000 asbestos compensation for former carpenter’s labourer
5th November 2012 - Unite member compensated after developing occupational dermatitis
2nd November 2012 - Unite Legal Services support family in asbestos compensation claim
24th October 2012 - Unite Legal Services help member receive compensation for hearing damage
18th October 2012 - Fitter compensated for mesothelioma by three employers
10th October 2012 - School worker compensated after suffering from bromine poisoning
2nd October 2012 - Drainage worker compensated with help from Unite Legal Services after serious facial injury
1st October 2012 - Body shop worker with hearing loss caused by work receives compensation
19th September 2012 - Grandfather compensated for asbestos cancer
14th September 2012 - Family of shipyard worker compensated for asbestos death
11th September 2012 - Unite Legal Services secure compensation for factory worker’s skin condition in spite of insurer behaviour
5th September 2012 - Retired manager’s family compensated for mesothelioma
31st August 2012 - Crewe Mayor highlights cruel devastation of asbestos disease
30th August 2012 - Four weeks’ work cost cancer victim his life
14th August 2012 - Retired nurse compensated for asbestos cancer
5th July 2012 - Cleaner’s family compensated after asbestos exposure in council flats
15th June 2012 - Gardener compensated after contracting serious infection from thorn prick
30th May 2012 - Shipyard electrical engineer compensated for mesothelioma
16th May 2012 - Plumber compensated for mesothelioma
19th April 2012 - Firefighter compensated for asbestos cancer
10th April 2012 - Border Force worker injured after requests for replacement work boots ignored
22nd March 2012 - Part amputation of thumb due to unsuitable gloves for railway worker
2nd March 2012 - Factory machinist receives compensation after decades of exposure to excessive noise
29th February 2012 - Shop worker compensated after burning hand in fish fryer
7th February 2012 - Stonemason compensated for lung disease after gaining second opinion from Thompsons
20th January 2012 - Compensation for Merseyside asbestosis victim
9th January 2012 - Merseyside shipyard worker receives compensation for mesothelioma
3rd January 2012 - Fitter receives interim compensation for asbestos disease
23rd December 2011 - Printer exposed to dangerous fumes compensated after developing asthma
4th November 2011 - Nottinghamshire asbestos victim receives compensation after second opinion
2nd November 2011 - Painter exposed to industrial irritant compensated by employer
27th October 2011 - Humber dock worker’s family compensated for asbestos cancer death 26th October 2011 - Electrician compensated after developing asbestos related cancer
21st October 2011 - Foundry worker receives damages after earning capacity quelled by dermatitis
11th October 2011 - Beer can manufacturer compensates worker for head injury
20th September 2011 - Lifetime mesothelioma compensation payment
14th September 2011 - Crewe Railway Works employee receives compensation for asbestosis
3rd August 2011 - Union member compensated in power station asbestos case
7th July 2011 - RAF Corporal wins groundbreaking court decision after being exposed to toxins by the MoD
6th July 2011 - Cleaner exposed to irritants at work compensated
22nd June 2011 - Council worker compensated for hearing damage caused by driving
6th April 2011 - Landmark High Court ruling on protective equipment for workers
28th January 2011 - Army chef compensated for curtailed career
17th November 2010 - Rolls Royce employee compensated for dermatitis
5th October 2010 - Compensation for Deafened Sheet Metal Worker
10th September 2010 - ‘He was my life’, says Widow whose Husband died from Asbestos Cancer
11th August 2010 - Process worker compensated for permanent hearing loss
17th June 2010 - Fitter deafened after having to choose between protecting his eyes or ears is compensated
8th June 2010 - Castings firm pays damages for 30 years exposure to noise
27th May 2010 - Driver left with permanent eye damage receives compensation
26th April 2010 - Unsuitable work boots leave PCS worker with painful condition
25th March 2010 - Apprentice plater compensated for hearing loss
28th January 2010 - Council forks out compensation for body armour injury
22nd October 2009 - Welder compensated for hearing loss
15th October 2009 - Shipyard worker scarred for life
10th July 2009 - Goggles fail to prevent serious eye injury
31st December 2008 - GMB member’s sight affected by unsuitable safety goggles
9th May 2008 - Machine operator from Merthyr Tydfil injured by seamer machine secures £11,000 damages
7th January 2008 - Boilermaker from Port Talbot secures over £8,000 damages from four employers after vibrating tools permanently damaged his hands
6th December 2007 - Delivery Driver recovers compensation after exposure to Diesel
22nd October 2007 - Gardener from Rumney secures £3,000 compensation from Cardiff County Council following Vibration White Finger injury
24th May 2007 - Justice for families affected by Asbestos
4th April 2007 - Refuse collector awarded compensation after walking 30 miles in ill-fitted boots
13th March 2007 - Vibration white finger injury victim secures compensation
8th February 2007 - Road worker from Derby secures £42,000 following injury caused by exposure to vibrating tools
15th December 2006 - British Rail forced to pay compensation as two former employees die from asbestos cancer mesothelioma
23rd November 2006 - James Bond filmset at heart of asbestos compensation case
20th November 2006 - Ford and the MoD forced to pay compensation as former London plumber dies from asbestos cancer mesothelioma
27th March 2006 - Former Solaglas employee wins £5,500 compensation for shoulder laceration
9th February 2005 - Farmer responsible for neighbour's lost sight in hay making accident
25th January 2005  Landmark ruling against Corus UK for vibration exposure

If you have suffered an injury or illness at work which was caused by a lack of appropriate PPE or made worse by a lack of appropriate PPE then you may be able to make an accident compensation claim.  Contact us on 08000 224 224 for legal advice.

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Make a claim for Personal Injury Compensation

How to start a Compensation Claim

If you or anyone you know has suffered an injury, illness or disease at work which has been caused or made worse by a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), telephone us now for accurate claim advice.

There are strict time limits in place to make any injury claim. For further information, contact us or visit our Questions Answered page.

Thompsons Solicitors are experts in all personal injury matters. We will be able to advise you whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation. Our specialist personal injury lawyers will be happy to talk you through the process of making a claim in plain English and will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Telephone us now on 08000 224 224 or complete one of our online personal injury compensation claim forms.

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